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Nutrition Response Testing™ is a precise technique for determining what your body needs. Through this cutting-edge technique, I am able to custom design a nutritional program specifically for you using whole food nutrition.  Are you taking nutritional supplements, not really knowing if you are getting any benefit from them or not feeling any healthier?  Do you want the confidence of knowing you are feeding your body precisely what it needs when it comes to nutrition and effective nutritional supplements?  By using muscle testing, I can actually discover exactly what your body needs to get well and stay healthy.

Thousands of people around the world are benefiting from this technique of evaluating their bodies and by using an all-natural approach to getting better.  Imagine not needing to take pharmaceuticals with their side-effects anymore.  Imagine experiencing improved health and vitality through a nutritional program uniquely designed for you!

Nutrition Response Testing not only enables me to identify areas where your body is challenged, but is also helps to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms or health concerns.  But then we can go a step further by testing certain foods and whole food nutritional supplements to prescribe a sound nutritional and wellness plan created just for you.

Read what some patients are saying:

H.M. writes, “ I had palpitations and bad headaches plus stomach problems.  I was not feeling good at all.  I felt a closed in feeling.  I felt faint most of the time.  Now, I am feeling so much improved.  I am more like my old self again.”

Jodi M. writes, “ My daughter had difficulty concentrating and focusing for any period of time.  Her teachers said she was impulsive.  For the first time in her four years of school, the teachers not only have seen a huge improvement, but also say that she is a ‘pleasure’ to work with.”

Fatigue, menopausal symptoms, joint pains, weight problems, and hair loss are just a few of the symptoms helped by proper nutrition.  Chiropractic adjustments also “hold” better.  If your problem or health concern is one that can be helped nutritionally, then nothing is better. 


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